It’s September. End of summer but a new beginning for my body. In April I experienced my first Feeding your Demons session with Maruti. Deep feelings of disgust came up by checking in with my belly. I’m familiar with that feeling but I wanted to shed it. The session was fan-tas-tic! What a deep, intimate experience with myself. Hard and easy, confronting and sweet, all at the same time.

And this year during this summer I felt an inner call. For the first time in 20 years I made a fierce decision to stop filling myself with sweets and fats. I started Intermittent fasting and lost these horrible extra 7 kilos effortlessly! I feel brand-new, energized, full of power, committed. I feel how I want to feel. Thank You Maruti for your guidance and support. For seeing me and knowing what’s needed. For holding my hand entering the dark side but also stepping into my light again. Sat Nam.