Being torn apart by the absence of someone

Being a physical death of a love one or a relation that is no longer in our lives

It can Feel like A huge fire a thunderstorm ripping us apart 

A yearning such a longing for being with the other one 

holding them once more.. 

loving them dearly with all of who you are

that can cause us to completely loose ourselves or wanting to disapear

Feels like losing our ground to stand on 

wanting to disappear

From what we are feeling

Such deep pain

The only way is feeling it all

Let it take you

Day by day

The sadness

The all consuming wanting it to be different

Slowly slowly 

Acceptance will come

Maybe one day it is gone

Hitting you hard to next day again

Keep feeling it all

Let it crush you

Let it tear you apart

Hold yourself really close while doing so

Maybe it will never go away 

The intensity

it will change

It will have ripped your heart wide open

For other loves to be loved and still loving the one you miss so dearly

Hold yourself really close in all stages

Of this love

So deep so fast

So beyond any reason

Love In essence

Is not to be understood

Its To be felt

Beyond words

To be shared 


No reason

Just is

And by that

We let go

We let it take us

For all the emotions that arise

Deeper and deeper

Into our hearts

Creation comes from this place

Using our hands

Creating music art dance all that you have to share

It heals

It softens

When we have this awareness this energy is used to manifest love